Cleaning Processes

Cleaning is critical to prevent contamination of the product. This can be external contamination, e.g. from the room or from a utility; or cross-contamination, e.g. from a previously processed product.

Cleaning is most commonly performed using water; washing with detergent followed by a rinse.

Clean-in-Place (CIP): water is added inside the pipework, tanks and equipment, which has had direct or indirect contact to the product. This tends to be used for fixed processes.

Washers: removable parts such as utensils, change parts and pipework are placed inside a washer, where they are cleaned. Components, which are used to seal a product in its container, can be cleaned in specially designed equipment such as closure processors or within washers.

Manual: Operators manually wash removable parts in a local sink

For less critical cleaning, where dust removal may be necessary, e.g. tubes for creams, an air-blow can be sufficient.

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